Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trying to change

Still Changing...after 12 days!!!!

This is begining to look like a sick April Fool's Joke when I woke up this morning.

Last evening, the guy from Telekoms came over and did some test. After that, he gave me the good news and even better!..............................my phone line CAN take 4Mbps and as he tested further, he said that it can even give (listen to this!!!!) 5,120Kbps!!!! That's right.

Five thousand One hundred and twenty Kilobytes per second!!!!! Holy Moly! That IS good!

And he said that even I got upgraded from the 1Mbps to the Combo 5 package (4Mbps), I can surf at 5Mbps!!!!!!!!! (An extra 1,120Kbps free of charge!!!!!!) He gave me an outdated looking modem.

When he left after 2 hours, I tried it out.

I went to the TM Speedometer to be fully convinced.

Nah, how to test? Where got 4M pre-check?

So, this morning, I go to Speedtest at http://www.speedtest.net/. to try.

This is what I got!


Went down so low at 89 Kbps!!!!!!! for a 4Mbps!!! and going to pay RM 160 per Month?????
What happened to my 5,120 Kbps??????

How many more days can this be set right? Why are they sending another repairman to 'repair' a problem when it does not work even during installation?
The installer is NOT from Telekoms but only a Vendor.

Does anyone know of a Government Ministry that I can lodge a fair report to? or do I have to take up a case with my lawyers to see Telekoms? Do not forget that I would be fighting against a Government Linked Company!!!!

Do anyone think I can get a fair chance?
What is this Combo upgrade promotions all about?