Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Malaysia Memang Tak Boleh Department (Part 2)


You like Combo Meals with Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik?

Or a Double Cow Burger with Koka Kola?


This was the leaflet I got from a bloke promoting their new Combo Packages at TM Point office in Klang today. He blah, blah, blah, blah-ed."... and said sure can get wan if you are 1 Km from the exchange....." Da Bull and Da Cow!!

I told him to change his sales pitch because I am here in this TM Point office today to officially CANCEL the Combo Package of 4 Mbps which I applied 32 days ago. I lived just 800 metres from the exchange!!!!!! The speed that I am getting is only 89 Kbps but paying for 4,000 Kpbs at RM 160.00 per month! The billing came 3 days ago! Cow Crap!!!

After 40 minutes of waiting, I got to fill up a borang of '100 questions' again for a "DOWNGRADE". What Downgrade? It wasn't even Upgraded at all! Niamah!

Just look at the clause "Subject to availability" and "Speed is at Best Effort"!!!!Printed so small that one cannot see it! Can you see it? WTF!

The saddest thing is that there are so many people applying for this 'meal ' in front of us!!!! Do they really know what they are getting themselves into? Do TM feel proud about this? Do TM realise that it is a 'sin' to make so many people suffer? Just what kind of deal is this?

This downgrade application, I heard, is going to be tough too. Since the line have been altered for the combine internet AND home phone, they are going to take a week to modify. Our Internet would also be dead for a week! Just like we have experienced during the upgrade.

Also, it came with an outdated modem which the technician have set it up & configured. I should return this modem. But is it safe? My user name AND Password is already inside the modem and I cannot get in to delete it!!!! This is shit!!! Well, let us see what goes. Please pray for us!

TM is really losing Ringgit and Sense over this meaningless campaign.

You have been warned (again).