Monday, April 7, 2008


Help Polis! Someone stole the Coconut trees!

Right smack in the middle of Rawang town and on the main entrance, there were three lovely coconut trees and of different colors too. There were green coconuts, there were yellow coconuts and also, hor, RED coconuts! Ya, red coconut tree with red leaves and red trunks!

My posting of 18th. September 2007 refers.

Now they are gone!

Pocheek! 'Up rooted', gone!

But maybe, hor, they forgot to water them and put fertilizer so they toppled over and died!
May have fell on some cars and hurt some people too.

Or what?

Taken away? Looted? Since the price of scrap metal have gone up did someone sold it? Or was it taken off and put it somewhere as 'new'? Maybe someone can forward this to the new Adun/MP of Rawang to find out what actually happened. I am sure that these artificial trees cost a lot of money and hopefully the town council should stop wasting public funds!