Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Swearing-in yesterday

The Parliament Starts Today!!

For the first time in Malaysian History, it is going to be the old versus new.
Our local team mainly from Selangor and the Federal Territory of KL are looking forward to see, talk and understand what have been going on with the Government for the last 50 years that, almost all its Citizens wanted changes so badly.

Here is our local reporter. We convinced him to come down from Bukit Gasing, PJ to witness and see the event that is taking place. He is very interested because it will be affecting him and his family up there especially with so many development taking place. So much trees are already chopped down. They are all furious. They want to PROTEST the right way, because if in the wrong way, they are going to share cells with the famous HINDRAF 5 at Kamunting!

(Hi my name is "Makang Kachang anak lelaki Ngan Yin" guarding the new temple here.)

Encik Makang is going to meet some friends at the Parliament House today.
Some will be very anxious especially the one from Kinabatagan, Sabah.

Some would be angry.

Some would be laughing

Some would be shouting out loud
Some old ones. "Whadda you...no respect ah...!"

Some would ask question concerning parents.
Some not sure, ......forgot to submit questions!

Some would close ears, eyes (one eyed wan got meh?)and mouth

Big Brudder would be watching.

Some would just like to drag that 'bugger' out into the padang letak kereta (car park) for a good trashing!
Anyway, we sincerely hope that our learned Parliamentarians are all professionals and behaves
with utmost integrity, patience, understanding,wisdom,hope,tact,pleasantness, joy and happiness. In order to get things done. All for the sake of the Citizens of Malaysia!