Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Tapir Down!

Hey Gormen, Do something about it Lah!

According to the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), this entire area located between the new Puncak Alam trunk road and the stretch of the Guthrie Expressway, cuts through these animals' natural migratory path. Therefore, many Tapirs have already been killed. A rough estimate was one Tapir killed every two month as we were told! We saw a smaller roadkill (a baby Tapir) on the Guthrie's some time ago.

How many more Tapirs do we have in the wild? Are we trying to kill them all? Isn't it a protected animal species? It is even a logo/mascot for the MNS!!! Can't we all do a protest on these highways at all? If MNS do it, count us in. Come on let us help these poor animals.
These are our Heritage we would gladly leave for our children.

(Picture by Sharil Salleh and courtesy of The Star Online)

In more 'educated' countries, they constructs flyovers for vehicles around these areas and how come the builder of this expressway did not do the same? In one country, they built many mini bridges to allow Frogs/Katak/Kodok/KhumKhoi, to go thru. What no money? Toll expressway?
Animals not important? Nah! Tell you what, profits are more important!!!!

Dear Encik Sharil Salleh, thank you for taking the trouble to photograph this sad accident. It is people like you that cares.

To the driver of the vehicle who knocked down this helpless animal.... go take a leaping 'Fcuk' at the moon!!!! You must be either Sleepy & Speeding! You could have avoided knocking it down.

To Guthrie, please note that although a stray animal slips through the kilometers long fencing, it cannot remember where or how to get out of the expressway. It is already trapped inside the expressway itself and trying to get out. As if a Tapir can climb over the fence!!!

And to the idiotic human who cut up the fencing (just to take a short-cut), go take a leaping "Fcuk" at an oncoming speeding container truck!

Sometime ago, along the East West Highway, we had elephants problem. We still do despite of assurances by the Highway Authorities to do something about it. Oh! Sam left already.

It is begining to look like the Malaysian Government is not 'Educated' and 'Sophisticated' enough to handle things like this and still dared to claim that it would be 'developed' enough by 2020? Is it not comparable to a young and beautiful girl, growing up 'sexy' and developing all parts of her body except the brains thus ending up being "Fcuk" by any 'Tom, Dick and Ali?"

And....oh,....yah, go build this Billion Ringgit "Space Centre" in the deeps of Kota Tinggi and frighten the damn 'shit' at all the wild animals!!!! Tourists come here to see things like nature and Tapirs....and not some used Rockets and rusting space crafts! Duh!

MALAYSIA TAK BOLEH!!!!! Poor Tapirs........