Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pig Rearing for Dummies

Rearing Pigs in Paris?

It was reported on the newspapers today that sometime ago, some ADUN made a 'study trip' to Germany, Amsterdam and France to learn about Pig Rearing. The trip must have been so educational and enjoyable that the participants 'forgot' about the real purpose of the trip. That reminded us of another group of selected people who made a trip for some noble study cause which included Belly Dancing on a slow and exotic cruise down the Nile River!

Wow! Designer Pork! Ooink! Ooink!
Photo shoot next to the "Eiffel Tower"? To learn about Pigs?
Amsterdam? Did they see some piggies in the "Moulin Rouge"?
Wah! Just imagine, we the Tax Paying Rakyat pays for such trip!

What is next? Goat rearing in Egypt?

Fish rearing in Gold Coast, Australia?

Cattle rearing in Las Vegas?

Why not let the pigs decide?