Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sleepless in PD


Huh? Am I hearing right?

What is it in PD that the State Government wants to pour in Millions of Ringgit to make it a Duty Free Tourist beach Resort?

Similar to Stulang Laut? Where's Stulang Laut? (..........I know, I know..it is somewhere in JB.........)

New Hotels, New Multi-Purpose Jetty, Shopping Complexes, New Office Blocks, New Customs, Quarantine and Immigration Buildings? Just like they did in Port Klang Freee Zone? Why PD?

It may be the ONLY decent beach resort on the entire West Coast (by the way, it is facing a Straits and NOT a Sea or an Ocean!) besides Tanjung Bungah/Ferringi and Langkawi's Northern tip which have some good sandy beaches. Why PD?

Are we not talking about the 'idle' reclaimed land that was left aside for some 'umpteen years?
Why now? The council still got money meh?
Shopping Complexes as tourists attraction? Like Dubai? Huh?Duh! Why PD?

The above picture was taken in 2002 and just look at where is all the 'water' ? Note the 'artificial lagoon' in that resort! A tourist could be drowned in all that mud!!

I tell you what! Just spent some money CLEANING UP that place and you will see more people coming. The last time we've been there was some 15 years ago!!!! The Condo unit we had was sold off for a pittance! Just look at the so-called 'beach' that we were supposed to swim in! I did recall reading about some other project (further up North of PD) that was to be turned into a 'World Class' Beach comparable to the Gold Coast of Australia!!!!Duh!

The problem in PD is the SANITATION System. Many houses/shops/hotels 'pipes' their sewage directly into the sea! I believe that many 'moons' ago, somebody did a sea water test and reported that it contained high levels of 'E-coli' germs. Yes, that was the same kind of bug that knocked out some poor students last week in Malacca due to the usual canteen 'food poisoning'.

An Ocean is an ocean, A Sea is a sea, a Straits is a straits and a Bagan/Kuala is a river mouth.

Why not give Penang back its Duty Free Status? Got more attraction Mah?

Hey, Smith! It looks like you can get your beer cheaper now in PD! May be at Rm 1.69/can? Can?