Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Da Foook?

At first, she said that all those States under Pakatan Rakyat will not enjoy any promotions created by the Ministry of Tourism which she heads. She even mentioned that all existing promotional booths and centres will be closed in these states such as Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah.

What that would mean is that tourists would be left on their own without any help when they visits these states. Why is this New Minister displaying such "childish" attitude? Anyone can guess what she is saying, even my kids!

Today, at BERNAMA news, she denied what the Mentri Besar of Selangor and the Chief Minister of Penang are saying. She did the 'about-turn' by saying that there would be no 'boikot' of these states and everything would go back to normal.
At the same day, she announced the tourism roadshow called "Citrawarna/Citrarasa 2008"...(whatever) to be held in Malacca, Johore, Pahang, Trengganu and Sabah.
WTF? What happened to the other 5 states? No Boikot Huh? ........Niamah!

My Dear PM, it is Ministers like these that are causing you so much problems, so much so ,that you would be soooo busy doing the never ending damage control. Please lah, get Ministers who do not behave like this and are more qualified to do their job! It was people in your kabinet that got you kicked in the A*$e in the first place!
Anyway, I still do receive friends from overseas who comes to visit us yearly. It was about 200 of them throughout 2007. I am not pleased to announce that they would NOT be coming here this year. They were not really happy during their last visit. They are going to Singapore, Indonesia (Visit Indonesia Year 2008) and Thailand instead. I will still try to encourage them to visit us though.
Hey what the heck, I thought Visit Malaysia Year is for 2007? Now also for 2008, 2009, 2010 ....forever kah?
Hey, don't get me wrong. I am very patriotic and proud of my Country. I would love to show off our Country's natural heritage and sights but let us all show the tourists that we are capable and matured enough to let them keep coming back for more instead of frightening them off to a neighbouring Country!

Just think what other kind of S*#t we are going to hear more................?