Friday, February 22, 2008

Flying the Flag

The Highest Flying Flag in the World?

Came home last evening and spotted what is seem to be 'The World's Highest Flag by a Political Party in the World"! Grabbing my pair of binoculars, I spotted three objects in the sky. It turned out to be 2 kites and a flag! It flew at (estimated) 1,000ft above sea level.

It looks like Malaysia Boleh!

Wondering whether they do this in Kelantan these few weeks?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


Winner of the Best Picture Award- Golden Globe Awards
Winner of Best Actor- Johnny Depp-Golden Globe Awards
Nominated Best Actor- Johnny Depp-Academy Awards
Nominated for Best Art Direction-Academy Awards
Nominated for Best Costume Design-Academy Awards


The Star's Winner for the Best Boob,Boob,Boob Award 2008!!

Sweeney What? Alamak! Sweeney Tood! Must be carving out too much wood instead.Sheeseh!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Times are bad

Safety Hazzard!

Would you believe that this 'hole' in the middle of the road have been like this for more than a year? Believe it!

This is right in front of the Pos Malaysia's Utara branch in Klang Utama, Selangor.

In times like this, the metal grating was 'stolen' presumably sold off as scrap metal by a irresponsible idiot just to make some moolah. Was also told by a passerby that many wheels of vehicles broked, limbs and heads banged up, maybe, waiting for some poor chappie to lose his life before the MPK does something about it.

To MPK: "If the replaced metal grating was stolen (again), then, for god's sake, put in a concrete one instead!" Use your brains lah!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A new discovery

Batu Belah Seafood Restaurant

It's day ten of the Chinese New Year and as for eating, we are pretty tired of the same kind of dishes on the menu. After shopping for some groceries, we decided to take a very short drive off the beaten 'highway' to look for dinner.

After a left turn-out from the new Carrefour (used the rear exit) we discovered this joint.

It is called Batu Belah Sea-Foods and the address is at Lot 844B, Jalan Kapar (Batu 3) 41400 Klang. The contact numbers are 03-3341-9970 & 012-395-1110.

For the adventurous, the GPS Co-ordinants are as follows:-
3° 04′ 16.73° N 101° 25′ 31.49° E

It is located just behind Carrefour Hypermarket off Jalan Batu Belah, opposite where the old "Bouganvilla Club" was.

The dishes we ordered were:-

1) Big Prawns fried with small Prawns ( TuaHaeCharHaeBee)

2) Red Snapper Fish Head (AngChoeKungPoh Style)

3) Sweet Potato shoots (HuanChooHeok)

4)Burppppp! .........Yummy!