Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Tapir Down!

Hey Gormen, Do something about it Lah!

According to the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), this entire area located between the new Puncak Alam trunk road and the stretch of the Guthrie Expressway, cuts through these animals' natural migratory path. Therefore, many Tapirs have already been killed. A rough estimate was one Tapir killed every two month as we were told! We saw a smaller roadkill (a baby Tapir) on the Guthrie's some time ago.

How many more Tapirs do we have in the wild? Are we trying to kill them all? Isn't it a protected animal species? It is even a logo/mascot for the MNS!!! Can't we all do a protest on these highways at all? If MNS do it, count us in. Come on let us help these poor animals.
These are our Heritage we would gladly leave for our children.

(Picture by Sharil Salleh and courtesy of The Star Online)

In more 'educated' countries, they constructs flyovers for vehicles around these areas and how come the builder of this expressway did not do the same? In one country, they built many mini bridges to allow Frogs/Katak/Kodok/KhumKhoi, to go thru. What no money? Toll expressway?
Animals not important? Nah! Tell you what, profits are more important!!!!

Dear Encik Sharil Salleh, thank you for taking the trouble to photograph this sad accident. It is people like you that cares.

To the driver of the vehicle who knocked down this helpless animal.... go take a leaping 'Fcuk' at the moon!!!! You must be either Sleepy & Speeding! You could have avoided knocking it down.

To Guthrie, please note that although a stray animal slips through the kilometers long fencing, it cannot remember where or how to get out of the expressway. It is already trapped inside the expressway itself and trying to get out. As if a Tapir can climb over the fence!!!

And to the idiotic human who cut up the fencing (just to take a short-cut), go take a leaping "Fcuk" at an oncoming speeding container truck!

Sometime ago, along the East West Highway, we had elephants problem. We still do despite of assurances by the Highway Authorities to do something about it. Oh! Sam left already.

It is begining to look like the Malaysian Government is not 'Educated' and 'Sophisticated' enough to handle things like this and still dared to claim that it would be 'developed' enough by 2020? Is it not comparable to a young and beautiful girl, growing up 'sexy' and developing all parts of her body except the brains thus ending up being "Fcuk" by any 'Tom, Dick and Ali?"

And....oh,....yah, go build this Billion Ringgit "Space Centre" in the deeps of Kota Tinggi and frighten the damn 'shit' at all the wild animals!!!! Tourists come here to see things like nature and Tapirs....and not some used Rockets and rusting space crafts! Duh!

MALAYSIA TAK BOLEH!!!!! Poor Tapirs........

Swearing-in yesterday

The Parliament Starts Today!!

For the first time in Malaysian History, it is going to be the old versus new.
Our local team mainly from Selangor and the Federal Territory of KL are looking forward to see, talk and understand what have been going on with the Government for the last 50 years that, almost all its Citizens wanted changes so badly.

Here is our local reporter. We convinced him to come down from Bukit Gasing, PJ to witness and see the event that is taking place. He is very interested because it will be affecting him and his family up there especially with so many development taking place. So much trees are already chopped down. They are all furious. They want to PROTEST the right way, because if in the wrong way, they are going to share cells with the famous HINDRAF 5 at Kamunting!

(Hi my name is "Makang Kachang anak lelaki Ngan Yin" guarding the new temple here.)

Encik Makang is going to meet some friends at the Parliament House today.
Some will be very anxious especially the one from Kinabatagan, Sabah.

Some would be angry.

Some would be laughing

Some would be shouting out loud
Some old ones. "Whadda you...no respect ah...!"

Some would ask question concerning parents.
Some not sure, ......forgot to submit questions!

Some would close ears, eyes (one eyed wan got meh?)and mouth

Big Brudder would be watching.

Some would just like to drag that 'bugger' out into the padang letak kereta (car park) for a good trashing!
Anyway, we sincerely hope that our learned Parliamentarians are all professionals and behaves
with utmost integrity, patience, understanding,wisdom,hope,tact,pleasantness, joy and happiness. In order to get things done. All for the sake of the Citizens of Malaysia!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Murdered in Malaysia


On behalf of most Malaysians, we are deeply moved by what happened to her while visiting our country. We feel for her especially her last days of suffering and pleas for Justice to be done.

We are posting this after reading the full version and report by her Dad who is here to fight her case. Go to: http://sloone.wordpress.com/justice-for-altantuya/

A Happy belated Birthday, Sis. Altantuya. May your Soul Rest in Peace

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Malaysia Memang Tak Boleh Department (Part 2)


You like Combo Meals with Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik?

Or a Double Cow Burger with Koka Kola?


This was the leaflet I got from a bloke promoting their new Combo Packages at TM Point office in Klang today. He blah, blah, blah, blah-ed."... and said sure can get wan if you are 1 Km from the exchange....." Da Bull and Da Cow!!

I told him to change his sales pitch because I am here in this TM Point office today to officially CANCEL the Combo Package of 4 Mbps which I applied 32 days ago. I lived just 800 metres from the exchange!!!!!! The speed that I am getting is only 89 Kbps but paying for 4,000 Kpbs at RM 160.00 per month! The billing came 3 days ago! Cow Crap!!!

After 40 minutes of waiting, I got to fill up a borang of '100 questions' again for a "DOWNGRADE". What Downgrade? It wasn't even Upgraded at all! Niamah!

Just look at the clause "Subject to availability" and "Speed is at Best Effort"!!!!Printed so small that one cannot see it! Can you see it? WTF!

The saddest thing is that there are so many people applying for this 'meal ' in front of us!!!! Do they really know what they are getting themselves into? Do TM feel proud about this? Do TM realise that it is a 'sin' to make so many people suffer? Just what kind of deal is this?

This downgrade application, I heard, is going to be tough too. Since the line have been altered for the combine internet AND home phone, they are going to take a week to modify. Our Internet would also be dead for a week! Just like we have experienced during the upgrade.

Also, it came with an outdated modem which the technician have set it up & configured. I should return this modem. But is it safe? My user name AND Password is already inside the modem and I cannot get in to delete it!!!! This is shit!!! Well, let us see what goes. Please pray for us!

TM is really losing Ringgit and Sense over this meaningless campaign.

You have been warned (again).

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Magpie Robins

Announcing the Departure of Flight.......................

On the 12th.March, our resident Magpies laid four little eggs.

Four chicks were hatched, thus four new magpies on 4th. April.

After 15 days, they grew bigger. Feathers and all. Always hungry.

Three days ago, they were ready to take flying lessons.

They left home today.

These resident Magpies have made our house, their home for the last six years. This is the 10th. generation and we just love them. The morning chorous usually starts at 6.15am and would announce their arrival to roost at 7.08pm.

They will be back, I know it.
Nature is Nice . This is Birds Talking

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bite, Bitting, Bitten

Cop said he was bitten by Tian Chua.

Usually hor, we hear of dinosaur bites dinosaur

Or man being bitten by snake, man bitten by dog, dog bites cat,cat bites rat, tiger bites cow, cobra bites frog, fish bites fish, shark bites man, lion bites deer.

And mosquito bites mother-in-law, grandpa cannot even bite, man bites a BigMac, or maid bites self, and now we hear Tian Chua bite man (a cop)! Was Tian Chua very hungry?

See, he is so cute.......His teeth very sharp meh?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pig Rearing for Dummies

Rearing Pigs in Paris?

It was reported on the newspapers today that sometime ago, some ADUN made a 'study trip' to Germany, Amsterdam and France to learn about Pig Rearing. The trip must have been so educational and enjoyable that the participants 'forgot' about the real purpose of the trip. That reminded us of another group of selected people who made a trip for some noble study cause which included Belly Dancing on a slow and exotic cruise down the Nile River!

Wow! Designer Pork! Ooink! Ooink!
Photo shoot next to the "Eiffel Tower"? To learn about Pigs?
Amsterdam? Did they see some piggies in the "Moulin Rouge"?
Wah! Just imagine, we the Tax Paying Rakyat pays for such trip!

What is next? Goat rearing in Egypt?

Fish rearing in Gold Coast, Australia?

Cattle rearing in Las Vegas?

Why not let the pigs decide?


Must have more tougher Laws?


Was watching the Pukul Lapan news on TV and there was a readers' poll seeking response if "There were sufficient Laws to protect our Kids?"

I tell you hor:-

We have sufficient Laws for Drugs Offences
We have sufficient Laws for Traffic Offences
We have sufficient Laws for Bus Drivers
We have sufficient Laws for Diesel Smugglers
We have sufficient Laws for Ah Long activities
We have sufficient Laws for abuse of Pre-paid phone cards
We have sufficient Laws for Child abuse
We have sufficient Laws for Maid abuse
We have sufficient Laws for Mother-in-Law abuse
We have sufficient Laws for Animal abuse
We have sufficient Laws for RiverPollution
We have sufficient Laws for Cheating
We have sufficient Laws for Lying in Court
We have sufficient Laws for Contempt in Court
We have sufficient Laws for playing with C4 explosives
We have sufficient Laws for Murder

We have sufficient Laws for Rape
We have sufficient Laws for Bank Robbery
We have sufficient Laws for Corruption

We have sufficient Laws for Body Stealing
We have sufficient Laws for Illegal Renovations
We have sufficient Laws for Illegal logging
We have sufficient Laws for Open Burning
We have sufficient Laws for Illegal Migrants
We have sufficient Laws for Poaching
We have...................

Shit! we already have all "updated" Laws of the Land, but what we really need is not any more new Laws! What we really need is





Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sleepless in PD


Huh? Am I hearing right?

What is it in PD that the State Government wants to pour in Millions of Ringgit to make it a Duty Free Tourist beach Resort?

Similar to Stulang Laut? Where's Stulang Laut? (..........I know, I know..it is somewhere in JB.........)

New Hotels, New Multi-Purpose Jetty, Shopping Complexes, New Office Blocks, New Customs, Quarantine and Immigration Buildings? Just like they did in Port Klang Freee Zone? Why PD?

It may be the ONLY decent beach resort on the entire West Coast (by the way, it is facing a Straits and NOT a Sea or an Ocean!) besides Tanjung Bungah/Ferringi and Langkawi's Northern tip which have some good sandy beaches. Why PD?

Are we not talking about the 'idle' reclaimed land that was left aside for some 'umpteen years?
Why now? The council still got money meh?
Shopping Complexes as tourists attraction? Like Dubai? Huh?Duh! Why PD?

The above picture was taken in 2002 and just look at where is all the 'water' ? Note the 'artificial lagoon' in that resort! A tourist could be drowned in all that mud!!

I tell you what! Just spent some money CLEANING UP that place and you will see more people coming. The last time we've been there was some 15 years ago!!!! The Condo unit we had was sold off for a pittance! Just look at the so-called 'beach' that we were supposed to swim in! I did recall reading about some other project (further up North of PD) that was to be turned into a 'World Class' Beach comparable to the Gold Coast of Australia!!!!Duh!

The problem in PD is the SANITATION System. Many houses/shops/hotels 'pipes' their sewage directly into the sea! I believe that many 'moons' ago, somebody did a sea water test and reported that it contained high levels of 'E-coli' germs. Yes, that was the same kind of bug that knocked out some poor students last week in Malacca due to the usual canteen 'food poisoning'.

An Ocean is an ocean, A Sea is a sea, a Straits is a straits and a Bagan/Kuala is a river mouth.

Why not give Penang back its Duty Free Status? Got more attraction Mah?

Hey, Smith! It looks like you can get your beer cheaper now in PD! May be at Rm 1.69/can? Can?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Noise Department

Five Penises!!!

Wah! Just imagine the power! My car can VVvvvvrooooom! Fas...Fast....!!!!!!!

What a childish and immature feeling. We could not help hearing the two gossiping and boasting a such modification that Auto Engineers would be blushing at. It could only be five outlets on an exhaust pipe but.....the owner of this car is so proud of his illegal act. I am sure that this did not come with the car as a standard equipment.

This was right here in Klang and by the looks of the registration number, it looks like..."I am well connected so I can break the law...you know..!" Just where is JPJ when you need them?

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Foreign response

Hey Minister! Go back to School!

Just received an article from the EU about our Tourism Ministry's hoo-haa about her activity.
This, I believe, was written by a Prof. Dr. Sir Edward of Oxford University, UK . Here is the excerpt:-

Professor Dr Sir Edward Says:
April 9th, 2008 at 4:50 pm

".........I regret to read a fearful article on the recent announcement by the new Tourism Minister, Ms. Azalina has suggested it will terminate all MOUs signed with contractors and operators of tourism activities in states held by the Pakatan Rakyat: Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak and Selangor. “Tourism activities in the five states will be run by ‘individuals’ appointed by the Ministry. This was necessary because we fear the Pakatan Rakyat state governments might not accept the national tourism plan.” I was damn shocked to know that she is behaving like a little Napoleon in the new cabinet and no respect to the PM calls. A Malaysian graduate told me that she forgot nobody ever voted for her in 12th GE. She won uncontested twice in a Johor state. It is ridiciously for her to create a bad taste on Visit Malaysia Year to exclude the 5 important states and punish the overseas tourists to Malaysia.

I hereby call upon the PM to remove her from the cabinet as a Tourism Minister and replace by a capable leader from Sabah or Sawarak since both states are requesting for many federal minister posts. Many foreign tourists read such bad articles in our news media in USA and EU countries. They have decided to cancel and boycott the designation to visit Malaysia year 2008 in view of the recent announcement by her to punish foreign tourists and to sabotage the Opposition governments in 5 lovely states. We believed that most foreign tourist agencies in Middle East, US and EU have been informed about the official announcements by your Tourism Minister on her cabinet decision to exploit tourism industry in Malaysia. Hence, I and my Middle East rich affluent businessmen have cancelled our attendance to events held by Malaysian Tourism Board and our foreign investment mission to IDR Project in Malaysia in forthcoming meeting here in protest her unfair and injustice towards all Malaysian.

Last but not least, I think Singapore Tourism Board and Tourism Authority of Thailand should be invited by Pak Lah to teach her on how to become a good governance Tourism Minister of Malaysia or get her fired immediately.

No hatred and fear in my statement here................"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is MPK Sleeping?

Hoi! The Chinese New Year is Over Lah!

Driving along Jalan Goh Hock Huat in Klang, we saw an impressive looking wall bracket connecting to a building and another being clamped on to a lamp post. It was made to display fabric banners. But then, the posters are not being updated or removed after its intended display period.

Today is April 10, 2008. The CNY celebrations is 'over' 49days ago!!!

Wah! These brackets must have costs alottsa moolah to make!

Stylo! Yah? Wonder who the contractor is?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mysterious Object in Klang

Just What The Hell Is That?

Can any Klangites tell us just what is this funny looking/Strange contraption, sitting in the middle of the road in Klang Town? It is located just opposite the new ( poorly planned ) Central Bus Station which used to be the "Great Wall Supermarket".

You gotta see it when it rain 'cats and dogs'! All the poor commuters are seen running helter- skelter just like rats trying to keep out of the rain! The shades do not help in keeping them dry but supposed to look nice only! Kesian!

Please lah, stop making all these 'gaya looking' stuff which do not serve any purpose at all. Got too much money or what?

Is this our answer to the futuristic "Star Wars" project? Duh!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Da Foook?

At first, she said that all those States under Pakatan Rakyat will not enjoy any promotions created by the Ministry of Tourism which she heads. She even mentioned that all existing promotional booths and centres will be closed in these states such as Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah.

What that would mean is that tourists would be left on their own without any help when they visits these states. Why is this New Minister displaying such "childish" attitude? Anyone can guess what she is saying, even my kids!

Today, at BERNAMA news, she denied what the Mentri Besar of Selangor and the Chief Minister of Penang are saying. She did the 'about-turn' by saying that there would be no 'boikot' of these states and everything would go back to normal.
At the same day, she announced the tourism roadshow called "Citrawarna/Citrarasa 2008"...(whatever) to be held in Malacca, Johore, Pahang, Trengganu and Sabah.
WTF? What happened to the other 5 states? No Boikot Huh? ........Niamah!

My Dear PM, it is Ministers like these that are causing you so much problems, so much so ,that you would be soooo busy doing the never ending damage control. Please lah, get Ministers who do not behave like this and are more qualified to do their job! It was people in your kabinet that got you kicked in the A*$e in the first place!
Anyway, I still do receive friends from overseas who comes to visit us yearly. It was about 200 of them throughout 2007. I am not pleased to announce that they would NOT be coming here this year. They were not really happy during their last visit. They are going to Singapore, Indonesia (Visit Indonesia Year 2008) and Thailand instead. I will still try to encourage them to visit us though.
Hey what the heck, I thought Visit Malaysia Year is for 2007? Now also for 2008, 2009, 2010 ....forever kah?
Hey, don't get me wrong. I am very patriotic and proud of my Country. I would love to show off our Country's natural heritage and sights but let us all show the tourists that we are capable and matured enough to let them keep coming back for more instead of frightening them off to a neighbouring Country!

Just think what other kind of S*#t we are going to hear more................?

Monday, April 7, 2008


Help Polis! Someone stole the Coconut trees!

Right smack in the middle of Rawang town and on the main entrance, there were three lovely coconut trees and of different colors too. There were green coconuts, there were yellow coconuts and also, hor, RED coconuts! Ya, red coconut tree with red leaves and red trunks!

My posting of 18th. September 2007 refers.


Now they are gone!

Pocheek! 'Up rooted', gone!

But maybe, hor, they forgot to water them and put fertilizer so they toppled over and died!
May have fell on some cars and hurt some people too.

Or what?

Taken away? Looted? Since the price of scrap metal have gone up did someone sold it? Or was it taken off and put it somewhere as 'new'? Maybe someone can forward this to the new Adun/MP of Rawang to find out what actually happened. I am sure that these artificial trees cost a lot of money and hopefully the town council should stop wasting public funds!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hearing problems.

Pronounciations my boy......Good Pronounciations is important!

While awaiting some 'big' heads at Telekoms HQ, Jalan Pantai to help me sort out my Streamyx problem, I need relax and chill out.

RTM's Radio "Light and Easy" is one of my favourite and without fail, it would be our 'pre-set' radio in the car, walkman, Hi-Fi, or i-pod.....

Lately, some of our Commercials are getting out of quality. Whatever brands it could be, it must be promoting sales of their 'quality' products but listen to this.

Background noises......(Ahh!....Ooh!...Ah!.....Ahhhh!)
Lady:...."What's wrong Maria?"..........
Maria:....."My Master Enjoys Eggs!".........
Lady:....."Here...try this 'X' brand oil....it is good for your....."
Maria:...."Yesss!.......It is better now...!"

Duh! I almost drove into a longkang the first time I heard it in the car. It could be my age and my hearing is getting poor or I may need to change my car speakers. The next time the commercial came on, I fell off my bed.

I believe that words like 'muscle', 'joints' and 'aches' should be said properly.

Then, hor, yesterday's report about the famous case in regards to a Mongolian Lady, it was reported that someone mispronounced 'skeletal' as 'sketelal'!!!! or "reminds" as "remains" whatever.........

Then on the same radio channel, the weather forecast was read by the news lady. She pronounced the town of Sandakan as "Sarn-DUCK-karn" when it is commonly pronounced as "Sarn-dar-karn". Which is right? Quack!Quack!

Now, that's Birds Talking!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trying to change

Still Changing...after 12 days!!!!

This is begining to look like a sick April Fool's Joke when I woke up this morning.

Last evening, the guy from Telekoms came over and did some test. After that, he gave me the good news and even better!..............................my phone line CAN take 4Mbps and as he tested further, he said that it can even give (listen to this!!!!) 5,120Kbps!!!! That's right.

Five thousand One hundred and twenty Kilobytes per second!!!!! Holy Moly! That IS good!

And he said that even I got upgraded from the 1Mbps to the Combo 5 package (4Mbps), I can surf at 5Mbps!!!!!!!!! (An extra 1,120Kbps free of charge!!!!!!) He gave me an outdated looking modem.

When he left after 2 hours, I tried it out.

I went to the TM Speedometer to be fully convinced.

Nah, how to test? Where got 4M pre-check?

So, this morning, I go to Speedtest at http://www.speedtest.net/. to try.

This is what I got!


Went down so low at 89 Kbps!!!!!!! for a 4Mbps!!! and going to pay RM 160 per Month?????
What happened to my 5,120 Kbps??????

How many more days can this be set right? Why are they sending another repairman to 'repair' a problem when it does not work even during installation?
The installer is NOT from Telekoms but only a Vendor.

Does anyone know of a Government Ministry that I can lodge a fair report to? or do I have to take up a case with my lawyers to see Telekoms? Do not forget that I would be fighting against a Government Linked Company!!!!

Do anyone think I can get a fair chance?
What is this Combo upgrade promotions all about?