Saturday, March 29, 2008

Change, Changing ...and still Changing!

TM, Please honestly Tell me whether Can I get Your Combo 5 Package or Not?

My Streamyx like went DEAD from 24th -29th. March.
(No. it is not over some outstanding payment as I have always paid via auto-debit)

It is because I got 'gattal' and applied for an upgrade to 4Mbps "Combo 5" Package from their latest Promotion. This is a good deal for only RM160/month including the fixed landline charges.
And so I thought.

Below is a daily event that I am going through and still, this situation is not solved.
PLEASE BE WARNED that TM is Not fully prepared for their very own promotion.

21st Friday March 2008 : Early morning I went to TMPoint in Klang and applied. After listening to all their 'cerita' (a sad story about whether Klang got 4Mbps or not, I gave up). Their full color posters and press ads/ TV adds could have costs Millions of Ringgit. They should have clearly stated that only CYBERJAYA can get 4 Meg. No one called us and no one visited our home to test or check it out.

The same day, after attending a meeting in PJ, I decided to pop into TM Point in Kelana Jaya, to enquire. The staff were very positive & courteous and asked me to fill some forms for the upgrade. I did and she said that a technicial team would call me within 3 working days.

Saturday: No one came.

Sunday: No one called. (Holiday lah)

Monday 24th. March 2008: The DSL light on modem started blinking non stop and no connection could be made. Called their 1-300xxx-xxxx number at 11am to find out. The answer was very polite:
Sorry,..will check...Thank you...
At 4.30pm I called again, this time, they said something about our line being "TERMINATED"!! and will check with her boss first. At 11.30pm. called again, they said something about our line being "RELOCATED"!!!!!!Niamah Located to where ah?...Botswana?

Tuesday25th. March 2008: The DSL light on modem still blinking at a slow rate (it could also mean that it is dying) I called THREE times today because we could not get into our Internet.
We called at 8.55am, 1.45pm & 6.45pm We learnt some new words like "Cable Lompat, some jumpers or something, installation on exchange, site testing, New phone number with this new package, New account for this new combo......blah!blah!Toing!Toing!

Wednesday 26th.March 2008: Called 3 times today, at 9am, 2pm, 5pm....... all no good news, still trying to fix it up. Bosses in meeting. We banged Ba**s because we are still paying for our internet charges.

Thursday 27,March 2008: Called 4 times today at 9am,1.30pm, 5pm and 10pm now the news is something like trying to get their bosses to work on it. I am without Internet for SIX days now!!

Friday 28th, March. (One week after its upgrade application) Still no line and decided to drive
32 KM from Klang to Kelana Jaya to settle this once and for all. Same thing. Blah!blah!Toing!Toing!...about..some miscommunications..usually only 3 days.....still no line.

Came home at 9pm. The blinking DSL lite stopped blinking. YES! Got through!

All OK but....upon checking for the speed whether I would be a new and Happy owner of a super fast 4Mbps (if successful) or back to that same 1Mbps which is not too bad at least I get back my line.


Testing with the TM Speedometer... download speed was recorded at 256Kbps! and Upload speed at 310Kbps.
Second test.................. download speed at 106Kbps Upload speed at 200Kbps.
Third time test............ download speed dropped to 96Kbps !!!!!! Upload at 218Kbps!!!!!!!!

Download speed at 96Kbps!!!!!!!!


JUST WHERE IS MY FRIGGING 4Mbps speed as promised? The above test results are so ptui!....ptui!....... My usual speed for the 1Mbps is at 817download and 328upload.

Now it is WORST!!!!

TM is really "opening up possiblilities"

POSSIBILITY to be the most POKAI (efficiency) Company in the World. Do they Care? Why should they? This is a dreaded disease in companies which MONOPOLIZES. Work or no work still got salary! Hey, if they are that good, why don't they try out "The Six Sigma" principle!!


Just What the Heck Telekom Malaysia is doing? False Adversiting again? Why are they getting away with such dirty and vague promotions to trick so many consumers. If they are not geared up to this kind of promotions, Do NOT DO IT! You are causing so much confusion to the public.
IF there is another EQUAL telephone company playing on a level field, TM would have gone Bankrupt long time ago. Dear Government, please love your people, please open up this 'monopolistic policies' in order to be transparent and fair.

Throughout this week, (co-incidentally after I blogged about bad things about Telekoms, I got this) I was literary 'kidnapped'',"tortured", "hard laboured","mentally abused","denied of my rights","robbed","silenced".......all because of my travelling,standing and waiting for hours,walking here and there, stress, loss of understanding, lost RM22 of one week [no] use of streamyx, and was in incommunicado!!! I want a refund!!!!

A funny thing though..... how come we cannot do a speed test selection at the speedometer for a 4Mbps package? There was a 8Mbps experimental link!!! Bah!

Please THINK TWICE before signing up this silly Combo Meals. You may be taken for a Ride!!!!!

Jom Telekoms! Ptuiiiiiii.....................Niamah!