Monday, June 9, 2008

Pulau Pisang

Going Bananas over an island!

Just heard the news about our Pulau Pisang.

Oh No! Just what is going on? Why are we getting so much problems over our own territories?
First, it was Horsburgh and the two little Rocks and now this.

The Minister says we "got to do some homework" to solve this and I personally think that it is going to suck. Sinkapore may have some thing (like a document...... blah!blah!) that we do not have and looks like they going to "Jaga" the Lighthouse for quite awhile.

Yark Chew lah!
Someone is not doing his work properly!!!!
Chiak Keng Chiaow!

Anyway, I am already going bananas with the fuel rise. And maybe, just enjoy this 'You Tube' clip on Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song ala Crazy Banana Girls version. Releks lah brudder!

Good hor?