Friday, June 13, 2008

Changing Camera


In May 2002, I bought the Sony Cybershot DSC TI. It was launched two months before.

This surprised many of my friends because I was a serious photographer before this and they thought being a diehard, digital photography would not interest me.

My collection of standard 35mm SLRs and numerous lenses plus bellows kit for super Macro shooting was the main stay then.
My collections of 18,000 negatives collected from my 35 years of photography, KodakChrome slides and large format 120 slides shot with Hasselblads and Roleiflex were commercial grade too. Now, these are all of no use since digital cameras came about.

My first Digital Camera. My Sony Cybershot DSC T1
I was very happy with this super compact Sony DSC T1 which became my travelling companion in shooting wild orchids in the deep jungle and under Monsoon Rains, Photographing show winning orchids at Thai International Shows plus other overseas trip and adventures.

(This rare Bulbophyllum orchid species found in Pulau Redang was shot with the DSC T1)
Some good video clips were also done with this Cybershot. She have been good to me after all these six years. Super small and super slim is her best asset.

Time changed. Specification improved and I was off to find a replacement getting me better Megapixels, higher optical Zoom, and quicker shutter speed.

No, I decided, not to get the full time DSLR which ,for my needs, would set me back at least RM 30,000++. Another compact camera attracted me is the newly (also) launched Cybershot DSC T300 but then, some feature fell short.

I began to look for something between the compact Cybershot type and the bigger DSLR.

I was recommended the Olympus 570UZ, The new Nikon P80 and the also new Sony Cybershot DSC H50. It took 2 weeks to compare feature for feature and of course my preferred requirement comes first.

I had the opportunity of placing all 3 of them side by side. Comparing the feel, looks and the features. For the Optical Zoom, Olympus (20X) beats Nikon (18X) and Sony(15X),
For Video Function, Sony beats both Nikon and Olympus. Only Sony can 'zoom' while video is shooting. For nature shots, only Sony have the 'remote control function' while the other 2 has none. I would also need it for Birds Photography. Mounted on a Gorillaz tripod it can be used to shoot hatchlings on the nest while its mother feed them at only 10 inches away. I can also shoot a video with this mounting. Sony also beats the two in having tiltable Rear LCD screen (3") when Olympus have a fixed 2.7" and the Nikon fixed 2.5". Finally I decided on the Sony Cybershot DSC H50 mini DSLR camera.

Hello Handsome!

The Sony Cybershot DSC H50
This is how he looks like!

Mounted on a tripod to take a macro shot in low light and on a tripod and the LCD sreeen tilted.
Shooting far subjects in 15X optical zoom needs a steady hand even it has a super steady shot.
Mounted with the rear LCD tilted up. A view hood is added to cut off glare.
The extra large LCD display is bright and with a right cable it can be viewed in High Definition 1080p in a HD1080p LCDTV.
The grips are comfortable and is light weight

(This rare terresterial orchid Nephalaphyllum pulchrum is shot with the new Sony Cybershot DSC H50)

Whoa, This camera is Awesome! From now on all photos appearing on this blog would be on this camera. The older T1 would always be a backup then.