Monday, June 23, 2008

Foot in Mouth Dept.

Ballfoot Talk.

No, not football talk but ball foot.

Wah! Went thru a series of agonising pain recently and talk about the 'Golden Age'!

You see, when we were younger then, we were told to prepare for the senior years called the "Golden Years". I recall some young insurance saleman telling me to save for those years and boy, was he right. The Golden Years actually means that it is a time where you bring out all the 'reserved gold' and start to spend! That is, if you have saved enough!
One would spend on 'golden' rimmed bifocals, (maybe) golden false tooth (or dentures), gold rimmed walking stick, or even (golden) costs of wrinkle creams, hair restorers, pain killers, hearing aids and even a gold plated wheel chair! Just kidding lah!

After visiting a bone specialist, an Orthopedic doctor, I was told that I have a problem called "Archilies Tendonitis". Sole, Tendon, Metatarsalgia, blub,blub....What the heck was that?

He said something like...... I have damaged a part of my foot's blah!blah!blah! Huh?

Just what was that?Huh? Alamak! It was also part of ageing and the most important of them all, I was wearing a wrong type of slipper/shoe/footwear for many, many years! Now turn back to the 70s. Do we know what we were supposed to wear besides Bata shoes and Tat Seng flip flops? Nah!

Now, this specialist tells me that! So what to do now?
He said we have to wear the right footware so that it can prevent further damage and it also helps to reduce pain and may even help heal that part of the body. After listening all his explaination, I began to realise that all the while and for so many years, we ALL were wearing the WRONG type of footwear!!! The present type like the flat-based (sole) flip flops like the so called "japanese slippers" are trouble causing! Just go look at what everyone that you know of, are wearing today? Still flip flops! Looks like they are going to flip and flop BIG time.

My medical cost of anti-inflammation, pain killers, vitamins and plasters cost me several hundred ringgit and eventually still needed to buy proper footwear.

The only brand that can do that today is a brand called CROCS.

It is a very well made footwear which is specially made to protect almost all parts of your lower foot. It is very well padded at the right points and absorbs impact bearing down from our body while walking. Besides CROCS there is another well known brand called Scholl which makes only slippers.

CROCS makes ALL types such as slippers and walking shoes.

Abuthen, they even make shoes for working!

Wah! The undersole is made like a sport car GT tyre!
The main and ONLY purpose of buying CROCS is for its Sole which I believe is the ONLY brand available here in Malaysia today. You can got to:- to view their set up. For that reason, I bought 4 pairs. One to go out. One to use while working in the garden ,one to use it 'inside' the home and one for wifey. This Colorado based company in the USA have spent so much effort in designing the soles to perfectly fit your foot contours so that you will not feel any strain but comfort. Believe me! It works!

They are available at many pharmacies throughout Malaysia and there is a very large outlet located at Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara, PJ, Selangor where the range is almost complete. Go there for better choice. They have got a very large selection for kids. Let us start them right.

Just see the contoured moulding and it is very cushy and soft. Almost 2 inches thick! Excellent shock absorbent

In spite of manufacturing these footwares in China, they are still pricey but no choice!
Either this or pay more for medical bills let alone further suffering. Otherwise, should care is not taken, complicated surgeries, injections hospital visits is going to be very regular!

So far, it helped greatly. This is the golden Age remember?

My only wish is that all other footware brands (especially the local ones) offer these type of medically correct shoes and slippers as a standard and eventually, it would be more affordable thus saving so many other in terms of sufferings. Wondered what happened to brands like Tat Seng?

Note: This particular blog is NOT sponsored or supported by CROCS nor I am promoting this brand . I am writing this to let my readers know that there is a way to prevent foot
problem and there is a relief to those who are already suffering from it. I paid for the four pairs of CROCS by my hard earned 'Golden' Ringgit!

(All photographs are taken by my new camera)