Thursday, June 5, 2008

FUDD Department 2

What are we? Bloody Fools?

Just called up my newspaper delivery man. Also cancelled newspapers for the office. I suggest all of you do the same and teach these media papers a lesson. I do not want to be shocked if my delivery guy increases his 'delivery charges'. Can still get news from my fellow bloggers and I trust them more than the stoopid main stream media (MSM). All others bluffing onli.

See, my fellow blogger posted some truth about other countries' petrol prices at the pump.

Our media do not highlight these info before until today! What we want to know is that whether other country got collect ROAD TAX or not? So many Toll? Now, Electricity price also kena.

Next is the cooking gas! So, how much other countries are paying for all these? Why are the Newspapers so quiet about all these? Why? Sure....... many croonies involved sure 'untung' one.

Mob's at: Thank Mob!

Did I also read right? Our 'taikor' also said something like the hike would be reviewed every month! Lucky Malaysians get a 30sen discount from the market price!!! Which market? Who's market? What market price? Base on the picture above, what about those market? Are we also not an oil producing country ?

By this, we need to go on a cost cutting life style. Maybe, those people in Putrajaya do the same!

We may even be planning to save more money by cutting up old 'news papers' and replacing our toilet rolls!!!
See what 'shi**y news come around nowadays?

Since nutritionists say 'fibres' are good for the body, I may also have to eat the banana leaf packaging of the RM1.50 nasi lemak !!!!