Friday, June 6, 2008

Gobacktothehole Department.


As if the injury is still not enough, an assh*le still cannot shut the fcuk up!
He was quoted in the "star" newspapers on page N22 Nation, today. (Note: the paper was passed to me for reading as I have stopped buying them.. So I get old news already)
He said: "....I thought the petrol increase would be RM1.00 and not 78sen. We all are very Lucky! You can control the price but there will be no petrol...." WTF! .....and you of all person are the one who read, understood and agreed to all Highway/Toll contracts!

Dear assh*le Sami, like it or not, in six years time, petrol will be no more! Even if there are
some left, it will cost us more than RM10.00 per litre !!!!!! Six years is not a very long time.
You and I may still be alive.

How come you are in Ipoh? Go back to your cave in "Snail River" and stay there!
We did not ask for your opinion. Nothing ever good comes out of your goddamn mouth so, shaddap!!!!!! Shoo!