Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buy cheaper goods from now.


When buying instant mee for trips to see birds, catch fish, photo orchids or to trek in the wilds, we always carry some packets of these with us. Because it is ultra-lightweight and placing them into our Camelbaks are never a problem.

The receipe we loved most is the dry one. The"Mee Goreng Asli" which was around for quite a while. Occasionally, at home, some slices of soft red tomatoes, thin slices of celerey stalk and of course, a large fried egg, sunny side up, will always do the trick. Also with the coming Euro 2008, this 'mee goreng' is surely cheaper than at the mamak shops.

Due to the recent fuel hike, we are buying extras of these just in case we do not wish to go out for the un-necessary and expensive supper.

Now also got fake (imitation) wan!!
At first say, 4 years ago, the original Indomee Mee Goreng usually sells for only RM2.30/pk of five. Then 2 years later, it went up for RM2.85/pk of five. Then, it dissappeared with no stock for four weeks. My wifey came back from Jusco BBK with a pack of five for RM3.39!!!!
Wah the price shooted up already so fast. But better lor, so long no more stock also.
Wait!Wait! Why is the brand so different want? Packaging same color, Pattern also same, the illustration such as the fork, the mee, the prawn, the bowl...all same design?
We quickly open up our last remaining pack of the original and compared the difference.
Yo!...Heeeeer's Big...cheeeeto!!!!!!

Then, hor, we went to another hypermart to try to get the old brand and found that the original Indomee is now selling at RM4.00/pack of five.!!!! And that would be 80sen per pack which was at only 45sen each. Just how many percent increase is that?

So back at the 'fake' tipu look alike brand, they even sold it higher that the Indomee. Is this the work of the "Evil' Consortium of Instant Noodles?
Hey, CAP, NCCC...Ministry.......go check them for profiteering, Quick...quick!

You have been informed. Please do not be cheated. Tell everyone. We consumers got to be strong and united.

Just like the dory crap which is still being done even till last night at "the Manhattan Fish Market (all branches), The Robert Harris of New Zealand (of all person) at One Utama, and The Catch at Sunway!!!! See the classy joints also cheat us!

You can read my 2 year research report in this blog site from here: it is Part 4, the final I would be writting of this fake fish business. You got to shop smart.

The Manhattan Fish Market in One Utama, PJ
Robert Harris New Zealand in One Utama

The Seafood, Mid-Valley, KL
The Manhattan Fish Market in Ikano Power Centre, PJ

There! Kementrian, all got proof already, got to warn them now! Don't be so lazy! Kita sudah jutuh standard!