Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pissed Off Dept.

HONK to Support!

It is usually very quiet this part of Klang. As far as I know it IS normally very quiet in Klang until some smart alec decided to raise the fuel price astronomically. So the people cannot tahan already and began to take to the street (highway..hic).

"...some ass also said something like...Malaysian veri peaceful wan. No nid to mogok here and mogok there...." Many do not think so. They are all so pissed up alleady.

Today, just an hour ago, a crowd began to build right in front of Carrefour Klang along the Shapadu Highway at the Jalan Kapar junction. Boy, they are all pissed off. I was told that they are waiting for more to join them later. Maybe about a thousand!

Wave Brudder! Honk!HOnk!

I can also see so many cops at all four coners of this highway. Klang got so many policeman wan meh? How come we don't see them when we want to? Or be there to 'frighten' the would be crooks? I guess all Klang cops are there and the Balai must be empty by now!!!!!
Berhenti! I also think that the cops would prefer them to 'berhenti' (stop) this protest as it haven't rain for the last four days and is getting very 'hot'. Maybe go into Carrefour for a cool Ais Lemon Teh.
Also look like the coming weekends are going to be busy!!!!