Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2008

The Race is On!

This year's annual Bird Race of Bukit Fraser is set for 21st. and 22nd. June.

Venue: Fraser's Hill, Pahang, Malaysia
Date: 21st. and 22nd. June.
Organised by: Fraser's Hill Development Corporation(FHDC)
Details can also be viewed at:MNS- Malaysian nature Soceity's website at and WWF website at:
The website for FHDC is at:

This Annual International event is truly a must go if you are very interested in Birds. Mainly because it is a breeding season and is where all male birds shows off their breeding plumage (...i.e fully dressed up!) In the Birds' world, the guys got the colors and the gals......well?...yawn!.

The last year's event showed an excellent turn out but I truly did not like what it has become compared to all those previous years. This is a Hutan Simpanan (Forest Reserved)area. There are too many noisy motobikes, some even played fire crackers! Do we need all that kind of stalls selling clothes and trinklets stuff?

Fraser's Hill is a very, very special small place and is very fragile to unnecessary over crowding!It is a very peaceful place where human and nature bonds.

There is no 'shopping malls', 'no amusement parks' or 'no vegetable farms' nor even a casino! Some tourists were clueless and mentioned that Fraser's Hill is a boring place and was wondering why did their Tour Agency brought them up here in the first place!! Poor folks!

Last year, at the bird race, some VVIP came in their helicopter (iron bird!) and hopped onto their special cars. The bazzar-like atmosphere turned out to be like a day time pasar-malam!!! Hey! this is a Bird Race! Have some Quiet Please!

Also please see my blog report and a 'You Tube' shot last year!

Here are pictures of some rare birds that you can spot ...err....(if you are lucky)

a) Large Niltava
b) Scaly-breasted Munia
c) Brahminy Kite
d) Zebra Dove