Friday, May 16, 2008

Talk about Elephant's Crap!!!

Minister's Talking Biggest Crap!!!

The two major news media reported about "Billion-ringgit boost for Broadband" today.

It was reported that The Gormen and Telekom Malaysia's plan to spend, spend and spend again to have a top notch high speed broadband in the next 10 years! Blah!Blah!

Please stop all da BIG talking which is begining to sound like SHIT!!!! Almost no Country in the World have or are planning 1,000 Mbps!!!!!!!!!!

If you see my previous postings of March and April 2008, I went through HELL and back just to get a measly 4 Mbps!! Just 3 days ago, on 13th. May, I finally got back my ONE Mbps! All because of my itchy backside to fall for the TM's promotion of getting a better deal!!

It was 1 month (21st.March till 22nd.April) trying for 4 Mbps and FAILED! And almost another 1 month to get back (downgraded) to my original one Mbps!

We also know why we cannot believe all that Big Talk and shitty reporting from the main stream media (MSM) nowadays. Today it said that South Korea have a Broadband speed of 1,000 Mbps!!!! Really Shitty Reporting!!!! Just look at BBC's report (of 2003) mentioning plans for this Country's broadband at

In actual fact, Korea's broadband is averaging between 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps and are trying to upgrade to 100 Mbps.
Not 1,000 Mbps! Who is talking Crap here in Malaysia? The press or the Minister?

Also see the World's Average Broadband Speed here.

(Click on chart to enlarge image)
Looks like Japan got the fastest at 60 Mbps. (ref: )

Just look at the speed I got last week! 1,000 Mbps? A Fcuking 37.2 Kbps!!! (Not Mbps!!)

So, are we planning 10,000 Mbps? 100,000Mbps? 1,000,000 Mbps?????????

Ya! Think BIG like always!!!

[Btw.... 1 Mbps is equivalent to 1,000 Kbps ( Did the Minister meant K instead of M?)]