Sunday, May 11, 2008

Little Getaway ......Part 2

Besides baked crab, and other lovely seafood, this second part of our trip focus on another Kemaman's pride. Coffee.


Of course, the other attraction here in Kemaman is its coffee. Kedai Kopi Hai Peng. Not to be missed.
It is so famous that it is also featured on Google Earth!

This 'old bird' have been making, fomulating, blending and brewing its own coffee since 1940.In one of my trips back in the 70s, we had it at their little old shop but now, they have got their own new building completely serving meals during the entire opening hours.
The business have been handed down and Elaine is running the show.
The coffee is, in our opinion the best in Malaysia. Still is.They now come in vacuum packs for per cup.

We bought 20 boxes! We usually bring packets of this brand where ever we travel. We prefer the one with just coffee and sugar. We sincerely wish they can pack minus the sugar. Eat less sugar lah!
We even brew it in our car when we make any stops at the lay-bys.

They also sells Nasi Dagang, Nasi Lemak, freshly fried keropok, Keropok Lekur, curry puffs, toast and butter, half-boiled eggs.
Yummy! Just add the curry gravy! And ready to go!
Being a main port and a fishing village, fresh fish is the order of the day. Our fishing trips during the hey days, witnessed good to excellent catches. Here was the place I caught my first
"Lo Shee Pan"or also known Kerapu Tikus. This is the "King of Garoupas" in term of eating. That was way back in the late 70s!!!

The Kerapu Tikus/Lo Shee Pan.......(Cromileptes altivelis) Picture
from Google Images

Kemaman, we will be back soon!