Friday, May 9, 2008

Monkey shows!

Zoo in the Parliament!

See? This show beats all 'Live' telecasts!!! Including the "American Idol" which is nearing to its nail-biting finale. But, the Live from the Malaysian Parliament is more exciting!

While watching a clip from "You Tube", I really got pissed off at some of our dearly ELECTED Members of Parliament! Some are so goddamned stoopid! So un-educated! I wonder why people still 'erect' these sort of clowns to represent them at such an honourable place such like the Parliament???? Is all this, still a joke?

If you go back to my older post, my prediction wasn't off the mark at all! It is so predictable!
It never ends. So many 'monkeys' still exists! The best of the monkeys is that bloke from East Malaysia! You can only find this species of Probocsis Monkey in this part of the World!!!!
He always seemed to be getting a "hard on" all the time!!!!!!!

(No, this picture is not mine, thanks Google Images!!)