Monday, May 26, 2008

Colors of Malaysia

Citrawarna 2008 has just been launched and it is to promote tourism in Malaysia with Colours of Malaysia. Many colours.

Below is a report that there are two colors we do not like!!! Red and Green.

Fake APPLE JAMBU Hybrid aka Crystal Apples from Cameron Highlands and is dangerous to health!

The following update is a report made in 2007 by our Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) who has warned the public about a fake fruit hybrid available in Cameron Highlands and the Tapah Rest stops which have been selling to many unsuspecting tourists both local and foreign.

Fake Jambu Apple Hybrid!
The report is at:

This is the real apple.

This is the real Jambu
This is the fake jambu apple.
It is a heavily processed local jambu (rose apple), specially trimmed out of its skin on a rotating gadget thus 'moulding it into a standardised shape, and soaked into coloured syrup (saccharine?)with added preservatives. It is then chilled. It is sold off in pairs at RM13.00 per pair during the peak season like these coming school holidays.
The popular two striking colors are in red and green.
These Fake guava-apples are sold chilled because it is to keep the crystallised colored sugar in solid state. It turns bad after a few days! Unsuspecting tourists always think that there are always 'new' fruits being continuosly hybridised by farmers especially from Cameron Highlands. Our group of elderly friends and relatives just got home from a trip to the Camerons, brought many back and we tried it out! It was just a (jeruk) preserved fruit and costs so much!

It was also blogged at:- and at and

The worst part is that these fake products, not only gives our Government a bad name, contains coloring and preservatives which can cause health problems. The colourings are :- Tartrazine, brilliant blue, carmoisine, sugar/saccharine, artificial vinegar, preservatives. Why are fresh fruits being so heavily processed and sold off again looking like fresh fruits? Running out of ideas?
It was also suspected that the idea came from Thailand.

Based on previous reports, the Fruits and Vegetables Farmers Associations started pointing fingers here and there saying something like it is not the Growers at fault but the fruit SELLERs brought it up from the lowland cities as the Jambu fruits could not be grown in the Highlands!

Another funny thing is that an official from the Federation of Vegetable Farmers Association even said that the whole thinggy is "News to him!!!" Another even accused CAP that there were "no such thing" and they would need 'proof' that this kind of fruit is sold in the Camerons!!!!!!

One just need to take a stroll at the areas near "Kea garden stalls" at Brinchang, and see the dozens of parked tourist buses and the tourists carrying bags of these fake and dangerous fruits with them. Sometimes we wonder just what are the Authorities doing to safeguard our health?

Another thing is that why our Health Ministry did not act when this was brough up way back in 2007? Is this product safe for consumption? To children? Elderly? Tartrazine have also been reported that it may cause tumour growth which is deeply linked to Cancer!

Dear fellow bloggers, please let your friends and relatives know immediately about these fakes and not to be cheated! The school holidays have just started. As it is also a health hazzard just think of the dreaded Cancer it could cause! Also think of our kids as they are always attracted to bright colors. Avoid these if possible as we are all well informed these days.

Come on lah Authorities, please wake up! Is it so difficult to confiscate the stuff and stop these people or is it just plain "could-not-care-less" or is it sheer laziness? These are the colors we do not need.