Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malaysia Tak Boleh Dept.


This is a Green Parrot. It is a Bird. Remember him well.
He is our friend.

This is a Giant. A Government Linked Company which controls ALL telecommunications in this Country. It is also a MSC status setup- Multi-Media Super Corridor.

They have a beautiful looking Headquarters in the City of Kuala Lumpur. Very impressive.

Today is 21st. April 2008. Exactly 31 days (one month) I have applied for the TM Streamyx latest Promotion for the Combo Package of 4 Mbps. I have FAILED miserably.

Finally, I am forced to believe that getting 4 Mbps is like winning the grand prize of the following:-

Or perhaps I should have gone to a temple for divine help,

or a fortune teller deep into the interior of China,
or a Swami in Jalan Masjid India,

Oh dear, I have got myself into very unnecessary difficulty.

I have made 13 trouble reports, spoken to 26 personnel and made 52 phone calls during this 31 days. Should have tried Sport Toto 6/52!!!!

Today, it failed again. I am supposed to get 4 Mbps. The download speed test are as follows:-
TM Speedometer- tested 4 times and got the result as 671 Kbps.
Jaring Test- tested 6 times = 128 Kbps
Speedtest- tested 10 times, five times hanged! = 542 Kbps

Should have also tried 3D ten big/ten small!!

Where the Pook is my 4,000 Kbps?????CCB!

Have even made an official complaint to the Advertisers Standards Authority of Malaysia as suggested by a fellow blogger.

Today, I spoke to Encik Hamzi of TM who have been very helpful throughout the entire event.
I believe that he has done his best to help me but it looks like he is not at fault. I sincerely think that TM should be held responsible because it seem that the right hand do not know (or care) what the left hand is doing!! Why come out with a promotion that only 5% can qualify?
The entire poor Technical team is going around like headless chickens (.....birds again!)trying to solve problems and wasted so much precious ringgit and sense! If not supported, this company would have "Pookai-ed" long time ago!!!

Or maybe our Royal Town of Klang is not that important. The funny thing is that I also remembered a few months ago, an Ass was heard trying to make our little town into a CITY by 08-08-2008!!!!!!! Malu!

Trying to get 4 Mbps is like trying for the lottery. Remember the green parrot? He could have told me that I cannot get the so called' super' Broadband speed in my life time!!!

To Telekom Malaysia, you SUCK big time.

If I were to be their boss, I would have jumped off that beautiful building!
Please wish me Luck. I heard that getting out of this 'upgrade' deal is as bad as getting into it.

And also hor, you have been warned!!!!I should have visited my Green Parrot friend earlier.

That's Birds Talking.

(p.s.......thanks to Google Images for all da photos)