Thursday, May 8, 2008

Broadband as SNAILBAND


Remember my ordeal when I selected the TM Combo Package to 4Mbps?
That was on 21st. March.

Today is 8th. May, 2008 and have been 17 days since I officially decided to go back to my 1 Mpbs RM88/month deal. Upon checking with TM Service 100 report, it seemed that on record, I am still on the so called 4Mbps package! Why must it take 17 days to do a 'jumper' adjustment?

My speed check as now are at:-

When: Thu May 08 17:24:21 SGT 2008 Download:127,360bps Upload: 434,104 bps Note: 1 kbps (kilobits per second): 1,000 bps (bits per second)

Last Result:Download Speed: 170 kbps (21.3 KB/sec transfer rate)Upload Speed: 324 kbps (40.5 KB/sec transfer rate)


TM SPEEDOMETER: Download speed: 37.2 Kbps. Ptuuuii!!!!! Farkau!!!!!
So, what is all the talk about going Really Broadband??

Is this "World Class" service? Is it from a "World Class" Multi-media Company? Bullshit!

I am now blogging from my office. My home line is dead slow. Is this TM's punishment?

I have not been able to udate my blog. Is this how we are going to promote Malaysia as a good investment Country? Malaysia My Second Home? Come on, stop talking so BIG lah!

Since 21st. April, surfing on the internet is so damn slow. Some pages comes on after 3 minutes!

So slow that I am begining to see two snails fcuking!!!!!

Malaysia Boleh!!! Semua pun boleh!!!!

(Photos from Google Images)