Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cheated Department

Enough Is Enough!

As life's getting unbearable, the recent "Tsunami" is a proof that many of us citizens are screaming for a change.

The cost of living is getting costlier and the quality of goods are getting poorer.

Besides Petrol, Toll, Cooking Gas, Electricity, Water, Phone, Hawker Food, Government Fees, Licences, Tax, Permit....... which have shot through the roof, there are THREE things we would really like to see it changed immediately.


Yes, many did complain about the ever rising subscription charges and reduction in the number of 'free' channels. Eventually, everything is chargeable after their 'restructuring' of channel numbers. Therefore we end up paying more yearly. To make matter worst, they began to show repeats after repeats thinking that we, are so stupid. Yes, we were stupid enough even to allow our equally stupid Minister to "phuck' us off by saying "... you can choose not to get Astro"......
"nobody is forcing you to subscribe to, do not complain"

Now, where is that damnned "Minister"?

WTF, this Minister forgot that there is a provision in universal law that we, the citizens would be able to receive terresterial TV and Radio programmes FREE-OF-CHARGE!!!!! That would be via the Government's Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM)......but then does the good Minister also know that in order to provide free terresterial TV/Radio, many new repeater stations need to be built especially around the ever increasing development of townships and housing areas throughout the country. According to our previous Indonesian maid, they just pay a fixed sum upon installation for a satellite dish and do NOT pay any monthly fee ever! Come on news media, you can do some research and report this in the press.

Why? RTM should answer. No money?

The best way to save money was to quietly ignore this. The folks in Gua Musang could not even receive decent quality TV reception until today!

I clearly remember paying RM24.00 a year for TV/Radio license before Astro.. Now we pay RM659.40 a year to Astro (i.e the cheapest RM 54.95 per month package) This is only to receive free Government channels and some worthless others channels which can be viewed free if you have a satellite dish set up similar to those lucky Malaysians living in Sabah and Sarawak who do not even pay any monthly/yearly fees or licenses.

Unless one subscribe to ASTRO, these poor folks in these remote areas continue to suffer.

I am willing to cancel my Astro if our beloved Government really care for us, the tax paying citizens. We do NOT want to pay for all those crappy outdated repeats or pay extra for those 'on demand' shits. I just want to see decent news and educational shows. Movies? You gotta be kidding me. A newer pirated DVD costs only RM4. If shared with my relatives, it is only 90sens per movie!!!

Therefore, dear Government, please build more repeaters so that we can save money. All we really need to see is TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, TV8, TV9. and listen to the radio.
You have indirectly FORCED us to install Astro and is getting unbearable and expensive.

They reported making Billions of Ringgit yearly!

This is the Main reason why many many people Voted the Barisan Nasional OUT. We got pookai-ed already. If the Rich wants Astro, they can still go ahead and pay but not us.

BN wants us back?...You really got to listen to us. Don't be so arrogant.
Now let's see what is Number two.............


Those days, we used to pay only RM15.00 per month for our house phone bill and that includes 100 free calls. Today, our household pays RM 500 per month ( 3 handphones and a land line excluding the RM88 streamyx cost) That would amount to RM6,000 a year compared to RM180 previously. Ya, ya....we got hand phones now but what about the quality of communications? Just see the comparison. We are just paying and paying instead of complaining and fighting for our consumer rights. Someone IS making BIG bucks and I know it is not me.

It is time to help us ease our burden. We are willing to pay for what we really use but must it be so expensive? TM again announced making BILLIONS of ringgit yearly. And the Government always approves their request for increase of charges. It is CLEARLY Monopoly and we do not have a choice. Or else, please give us a choice.

Now the worst of the problem.........number three!


Didn't the Internet and Bloggers whacked the Government "Big Time"? We got so fed up with the shitty newspaper who were reporting LIES thus we turned to the Internet.
During the recent General Elections, the news we got (the Truth!!!) is 3 to 4 hours earlier than the live broadcasts by all 4 TV channels! So who do we trust this time?

The Internet of course.

Where is 'that' Information' Minister again?

Again it is MONOPOLY. It is Telekom Malaysia again. Is this a 'communist country'?
TM controls ALL 'last mile' linkage to ALL offices, ALL factories, ALL Complexes, ALL Homes, ALL Longhouses, ALL Pondoks, ALL Guardhouses, ALL Cathouses, ALL Doghouses, ALL competing phone service exchanges. such as Maxis, Digi...blah blah.

Is our Internet Broadband really that good?
The best our home can get is the Streamyx 1Mbps package at RM88/month.
That would be RM1,056.00 a year..... and for what?

Just like some fellow blogger said...." it is just like going for a RM88 buffet dinner to eat all you can but discovered that the food choice is very limited let alone the limited quantity..." So you pay (no other choice) but eat only bits of bones of the so called 1Mbs (speed test always read 560kbps!!)

Let us not forget that this is the country promoting Super-Duper Multi Media Corridor!

Then, recently, TM started an Internet promotion called "COMBO" deals.

A visit to the nearest Telekom will show Large colourful posters screaming "Streamyx COMBO" packages deals at special prices including fixed landline charges. Just like those Fast food outlets trying to give you more value for your ringgit.

Their COMBO starts with 384kbps at RM60/month right up to RM160/month for the 4Mbps including landline rentals. Which dinosaur still use 348kbps?

I then enquired the 4Mbps. Jom WTF!!!!!!

I got shocked at the reply! Tak boleh! Tak boleh! (translated) punya area dah lama (old)and the copper cables cannot support 4Mbps. But I replied that I am just 1Km away from your exchange. "Must testing first. Then, can or cannot! You sign up first".... Jom WTF!!!

Telekoms dah planning to fix up fibre optic cable then you can get 4Mbps.

I asked :- "Bila?" (when) . Answer: "Tak Tauh! "(Don't know!) By the time I walked out of telekoms, I was so pissed off! WTF COMBO???? It looks like I will not get 4Mbps in my internet use THIS lifetime! Japan's lowest internet speed is 8Mbps!!!!! They are already going ahead with their satellite Broadband! Can our ASTRO do that too? Bet not, because it is really a 'political Monopoly' at all of our expense. Jom.

Why do a promotion costing millions of advertising Ringgit when TM knows that many would not be getting 4Mbps let alone 2Mbps. Jom!

They cannot even tell me where should I buy a new house in order to get 4Mbps if I need to get the best internet connection in Malaysia! Jom Shit!

Now, where is the nearest McD or KFC, their COMBO is really a better choice!

Dear (new) politicians, another Blogger have spoken. Help!