Monday, March 24, 2008

Lies, lies & lies

Boycott the Newspapers

We have stopped buying newspapers four months ago.

Not only we have saved money, we all get less stressful. Besides those silly news, we are consistantly getting insulted with so many 'brainless' advertisments.

Moreover, these media are ALL owned by political parties who just wants us to read what they want you to read. We are not supposed to think on our own. And shit, we have to pay RM468.00 a year [(Rm1.20x5)(RM1.50x2)x52weeks]

We want the truth with good and unbiased reporting.

Just why can't others get a license to print another newspaper? Controlling again?

Hey, if 50 years of independence is not good enough, then what is?

Thinking and exercising your rights is also part of CHANGE.

Change Now.
Do it Today.
We have had enough of Shit already.

ps...I still read the news for free. I get the outdated newspapers from my neighbours.It may be old news but what's the diff.? Importantly, I needed it for my dog to poop and pee on!! Ha!Ha! "Paper Training yah?"